Explain The Triangle Of Fire With Figure

Les’ start Explain The Triangle Of Fire With Figure

Fire Triangle

Explain The Triangle Of Fire With Figure

Fire is the chemical chain reaction between heat, oxygen, and fuel which gives off smoke and light

Fire is the chemical chain reaction between heat, oxygen, and fuel which gives off smoke and light

we must understand the nature of fire in order to know how to protect against fire is one of the most dramatic examples of a chemical reaction, understanding of chemistry is essential in this task.

  •        The material of the world can be classified as follows.

(1) combustible gases, liquids, and solids.

(2) Noncombustible gases, liquids, and solids.

                 Hydrogen, gasoline, and wood are combustible; nitrogen water and limestone are noncombustible. However, there are many materials generally is the key to its degree of combustibility

                 The initiation of fire requires not only combustible materials but also oxygen, generally from the air and usually an energy (heat) source to provide ignition. thus, three components-fuel, oxygen, and heat are referred to as the fire triangle.

                Thus we have looked at the fire from the perspective of a triangle. is A triangle is a geometric figure in which of the three sides has a unique and direct relationship with the other two sides. Fire is a process in which each of the three factors viz. temperature, oxygen, and fuel has a unique and direct relationship with the other two factors. the result of the appropriate combination is the ignition of the fire. this concept did not include fourth equally important factors in combustion viz. the chemical chain reaction.

Life cycle of fire: 

Fire is one of the basic elements of life along with water, air, and earth. The use and control of fire involve inventions fundamentals to human society and culture. The importance of fire in human experience is attested by the fact that it has been an essential tool in every known civilization. 

Like all the heavenly gifts, fire can also emerge itself as a demon if bit respected or if let loose without control. controlling fire is a systematic science. Fire in a developing nation can be more devastating than in either an under-developed or an advanced one. The main reason being the lack of fire consciousness and fire facilities at command. we are a fast-growing nation and so are our fires prone areas. one small negligence could mean loss of invaluable life and corer of rupees to ashes.

Oil wells, oil refineries, L.P.G plants, thermal power stations. coalmines, fertilizer plants, steel plants, thermal power stations. coal mines, fertilizer plants, stockyards, airports, hotels, hospitals, multistoried offices, residential complexes, railway yards, godowns, congested bazaars, and such like several places are highly fired prone areas.

One has to bear in mind always that all big fires start with a small one a single individual, who understands fire, can tackle the fire early at an initial stage. Fire is strange but interesting science and even technical personnel may not understand fire because it is so different from the general concepts.

 For long there has been a need for a systematic program. which could be imported to in houses, on a group level in industries, schools, hotels, hospitals, and other fire-prone institutions. To cop up with the demand our government has established a few institutions for basic training on fire technology.

Chain Reaction:

The rapid reaction of a free atom or radical with another species, the products of which include 1 or more free atoms or radicals, which can undergo further rapid reactions. if more than 1 free atom or radical is produced, a branching chain reaction results.

Tetrahedron of Fire

Remodeling of the Triangle of Fire into a Tetrahedron of fire presents a more realistic concept of combustion. The tetrahedron has four, faces, one for each of the four parameters responsible for combustion. figure as shown below.

Because each face is directly adjacent to each of the other three, a tetrahedron accurately represents the inter-dependency of the three components. i.e. heat, fuel and oxygen, and the chemical chain reaction with respect to one another. The removal of one of or more faces will make the tetrahedron incomplete and the parameters would become inadequate to support combustion.

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